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Rod Serling teaching at Ithaca College

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Fifth Rod Serling Conference

Beginning in 2006, Ithaca College (where Serling taught from the late 60's until 1975, and home to the "Rod Serling Archive") has sponsored a series of conferences on Rod Serling and his work. The next event is scheduled for November 8-9 in Los Angeles.

Conference Highlights

The fifth ROD SERLING CONFERENCE will be held in Los Angeles November 8-9, 2013 -- bringing the event closer to the film-TV capital and to Serling enthusiasts in the western half of the country.

In addition to scholarly papers and other presentations on Serling's work, one highlight of this year's event will be Anne Serling discussing and reading from her new book "As I Knew Him: My Dad, Rod Serling." There will be a book-signing by the author, as well.

Another feature is a "keynote" panel including Earl Hamner -- who wrote seven "Twilight Zone" scripts... Tasha Martel (aka Arlene Sax) -- who appeared in two TWZ episodes and is known to "Star Trek" fans as Spock's Vulcan bride... and moderated by Marc Scott Zicree -- author of "The Twilight Zone Companion," scriptwriter for "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine," "Sliders" and more recently as writer-director of his own series "Space Command Redemption" (currently in production).

Conference attendees will also have the opportunity to visit Rod Serling's star on the Walk of Fame, the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a photo op with the "Hollywood" sign in the background, and lots more.
For more information -- visit the conference website:

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