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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
Affiliations:Fuhrer of Germany,
Date of Origin:No information
Age:56 (at death)
Occupation:Politician, soldier, artist, writer
Legal Status:Deceased
Marital Status:Eva Braun (wife) (deceased)
Relations:Peter Vollmer (speaker of his ideas)
          = Alois Hitler (father) (deceased)
          = Klara Pölzl Hitler (mother) (deceased)
          = Jean Marie Loret (illegitimate son) (deceased)
          = Jean-Charles Loret (illegitimate grandson) 
= William Patrick Stuart-Houston (nephew) (deceased)
Created By:N/A
Portrayed By:Curt Conway
Appearances:He's Alive

Adolf Hitler was a leader of the Nazi Party in Germany during the 30s and 40s.

His first appearance was in He's Alive where he assisted Peter Vollmer only because they both shared the same ideas.

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