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Audrey Fremont
Species:Mutant Human
Affiliations:Telepaths, Telekinetics
Location:Peaksville, Ohio
Date of Origin:20th Century
Occupation:Anthony's Daughter
Legal Status:American citizen
Marital Status:Single
Relations:Anthony Fremont (father), Agnes Fremont (grandmother)
Created By:Ira Steven Behr
Portrayed By:Liliana Mumy
Appearances:"It's Still a Good Life"

Audrey Fremont is the daughter of Anthony Fremont.


In It's Still a Good Life, Audrey showed Agnes that she had powers very similar to her father's, but she could also bring objects back that her father had vanished. Eventually, Agnes and the people of Peaksville thought that Audrey could successfully defeat her father. When Anthony was about to be killed, Audrey wished Anthony's attacker away to the cornfield, and stated that everyone was thinking bad thoughts about her. With that, Audrey wished everyone away. In the end, Audrey brought back cities and places Anthony hated to try to keep him company. She stated "they better be nice to us, or you know what we will do to them." The episode ended with Audrey and Anthony walking away towards a car with people asking for directions.