Articles listed below have been reported for having dead external (or off-site) links. You might be able to help by providing working links to the articles contained here.

A dead link found in an article should be flagged with the {{Deadlink}} tag if you have not done so already. (see Dead external links for more information or {{Deadlink}} for instructions on using the template)

List the report in this category's talk page using the following format:

article name, dead link, error type

For example:

# [[The Twilight Zone]], [ Little Zombie Lonnie's Zany Crazy Far-out Twilight Zone Page], 404 Not Found

This listing should go under the appropriate error section.

If a dead link is revived or replaced by a functional link, please don't remove the listing, but use the strikethrough tags to cross it off the list.

For example:

<s>dead link</s>

will produce:

dead link

See also

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