Articles in this category have been labeled for deletion according to our deletion policy. The article will remain listed for 7 days, before the case will be reviewed for deletion by an administrator. If you wish to discuss the deletion of these pages, please use the talk page.

Copyright violations

Main article: A Fifth Dimension:Copyright violations

Articles which violate our copyright policy do not belong in this category. They should be flagged with the {{copyvio}} or {{copyviod}} templates, which will instead add them to Pages with suspected copyright violations and Pages with blatant copyright violations, respectively. Articles in the former category will remain there for 7 days, allowing for a deletion discussion to take place before deletion is carried out—unless the violation is proven before that time elapses, in which case it will be immediately deleted. Articles in the latter category will be deleted immediately upon review by an administrator.

To add a page to this category, type {{delete}} on the top of the page.

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