This category contains articles, templates and other pages concerning deletion in A Fifth Dimension.

For details on criteria and uses of deletion, see A Fifth Dimension:Deletion policy.

Deletion directory

The table below demonstrates the various deletion pages (where deletions can be listed for discussion), associated deletion templates (used to nominate pages and media for deletion), and the corresponding category in which the templates place material for deletion by administrators.

Discussions about pending deletions should not take place on the deletion review pages, but on the specific deletion category talk pages. Deletion review pages are for the election of previously deleted content for undeletion only.

Deletion review page


Category placement





  • Copyright problems
    - Discussion for deleted pages and media involving copyright violations.

Copyright infringement is taken seriously in AFD.
  • Articles suspected of copyright violation will be reviewed for deletion. Blatant copyright violation in articles will be immediately deleted by admins.
  • Any image suspects will be nominated for immediate deletion. Use of either iamge deletion template will achieve this goal.





- Article deletions

- Image deletions

- Copyright deletions

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