This category features articles that have been flagged by users to indicate that an error has been found. Please remember to list the specifics of the problem in the article in question's talk page after placing the appropriate flag template, so that others will know where the error is located.

Common reasons include:

  • Articles needing citation
  • Articles needing wikified
  • Articles that are inaccurate or misleading
  • Articles that are incomplete
  • Articles that are unformatted
  • Articles that are vague or unclear
  • Articles that need to be merged
  • Articles that need to be split
  • Articles with bad wiki markup
  • Articles with dead external links
  • Articles with inconsistent POV
  • Articles with many grammatical errors
  • Articles with many spelling errors
  • Pages needing expert attention

See also: Pages needing attention, which provides an overview for all sub-categories, including descriptions and directions for use.

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