Real person stubs are articles that have been created for people that have been involved in the creation, production, chronicling, or research of The Twilight Zone, but are incomplete and require more information to be provided.

This will commonly include sub-categories such as actors, actresses, writers, directors, producers, and narrators, but may include other groups such as authors, archivists, artists, technicians, musicians, publishers, and network executives.

Please consider the relevance of any "Real Person" article contributed. The individual should have more than a tenuous link (e.g., someone who wrote about an episode in a blog once, someone who wrote an article about the show once in a school newspaper, someone who watched all the episodes, the mailman that delivered Buck Houghton's mail, someone that has a Rod Serling tattoo, etc.) and made an important contribution to the creation or legacy of the franchise. While a blogger or a student journalist may prove useful in the writing of articles for this wiki, an article about that person should only be written if it is someone that is likely to be familiar to most The Twilight Zone fans, for example: Marc Scott Zicree.

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