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This is a list of works by Charles Beaumont (1929-1967). This list includes his novels, short stories, non-fiction and adapted works.



Anthologies with stories by Charles Beaumont

Anthologies with stories by Charles Beaumont


Charles Beaumont's work collected


Authored by Charles Beaumont

  • (1957) - Run from the Hunter (as "Keith Grantland," w/ John E. Tomerlin)
  • (1959) - The Intruder


Authored by Charles Beaumont

  • (1956) - Remember? Remember? (essays on American pop culture between the world wars)
  • (1958) - Omnibus of Speed: An Introduction to the World of Motorsport (with William F. Nolan)

Short storiesEdit




  • “Fritzchen” (1953, Orbit #1)
  • “Place of Meeting” (1953, Orbit #2)
  • “"Elegy" (Feb 1953, Imagination, adapted)


  • “The Last Caper” (Mar 1954, F&SF)
  • “Keeper of the Dream” (1954, Time to Come)
  • “Mass for Mixed Voices” (May 1954, Science Fiction Quarterly)
  • “Hair of the Dog” (Jul 1954, Orbit #3)
  • “The Quadriopticon” (Aug 1954, F&SF)
  • “Black Country” (Sep 1954, Playboy)
  • "The Jungle" (Dec 1954, If, adapted)


  • “The Murderers” (Feb 1955, Esquire)
  • “The Hunger” (Apr 1955, Playboy)
  • “The Last Word” (with Chad Oliver, Apr 1955, F&SF)
  • “Free Dirt” (May 1955, F&SF)
  • “The New Sound” (Jun 1955, F&SF)
  • “The Crooked Man” (Aug 1955, Playboy)
  • “The Vanishing American” (Aug 1955, F&SF)
  • “Last Rites” (Oct 1955, If)
  • “A Point of Honor” / “I’ll Do Anything” (Nov 1955, Manhunt)
  • “A Classic Affair” (Dec 1955, Playboy)


  • “Traumerei” (Feb 1956, Infinity Science Fiction)
  • “The Monster Show” (May 1956, Playboy)
  • “The Guests of Chance” (with Chad Oliver, Jun 1956, Infinity Science Fiction)
  • “You Can’t Have Them All” (Aug 1956, Playboy)
  • “Last Night in the Rain” / “Sin Tower” (Oct 1956, Nugget)
  • “The Dark Music” (Dec 1956, Playboy)


  • “Oh Father of Mine” / “Father, Dear Father” (Jan 1957, Venture)
  • “The Love-Master” (Feb 1957, Rogue)
  • "The Man Who Made Himself" / "In His Image" (Feb 1957, Imagination, adapted)
  • “Night Ride” (Mar 1957, Playboy)
  • “The Customers” (Apr 1957, “The Hunger and Other Stories”)
  • “Fair Lady” (Apr 1957, “The Hunger and Other Stories”)
  • “The Infernal Bouillabaisse” (Apr 1957, “The Hunger and Other Stories”)
  • “Miss Gentilbelle” (Apr 1957, “The Hunger and Other Stories”)
  • “Nursery Rhyme” (Apr 1957, “The Hunger and Other Stories”)
  • “Open House” (Apr 1957, “The Hunger and Other Stories”)
  • “Tears of the Madonna” (Apr 1957, “The Hunger and Other Stories”)
  • “The Train” (Apr 1957, “The Hunger and Other Stories”)
  • “A Death in the Country” / “The Deadly Will Win” (Nov 1957, Playboy)


  • “Anthem” (Apr 1958, “Yonder”)
  • “Mother’s Day” (Apr 1958, “Yonder”)
  • “A World of Differents” (Apr 1958, “Yonder”)
  • “The New People” (Aug 1958, Rogue)
  • "Perchance to Dream" (Oct 1958, Playboy, adapted)


  • “The Intruder” (1959, excerpt of chapter ten of the novel)
  • “The Music of the Yellow Brass” (Jan 1959, Playboy)
  • “The Trigger” (Jan 1959, Mystery Digest)
  • “Sorcerer’s Moon” (Jul 1959, Playboy)
  • "The Howling Man" (Nov 1959, Rogue, adapted)


  • “Buck Fever” (Mar 1960, “Night Ride and Other Journeys”)
  • “The Magic Man” (Mar 1960, “Night Ride and Other Journeys”)
  • “The Neighbors” (Mar 1960, “Night Ride and Other Journeys”)
  • "Song For a Lady" (Mar 1960, “Night Ride and Other Journeys”, adapted)
  • “Gentlemen, Be Seated” (Apr 1960, Rogue)
  • “Three Thirds of a Ghost” / “The Baron’s Secret” (Aug 1960, Nugget)


  • “Blood Brother” (Apr 1961, Playboy)


  • “Mourning Song” (1963, Gamma #1)
  • “Something in the Earth” (1963, Gamma #2)


  • "Auto Suggestion" (1965, Gamma #5)

posthumously printedEdit

  • "Insomnia Vobiscum" (1982, "Best of Beaumont")
  • “My Grandmother’s Japonicas” (1984, Masques #1)
  • “Appointment with Eddie” (1987, “The Howling Man”)
  • “The Carnival” (1987, “The Howling Man”)
  • “The Crime of Willie Washington” (1987, “The Howling Man”)
  • “The Man with the Crooked Nose” (1987, “The Howling Man”)
  • “To Hell with Claude” (with Chad Oliver, 1987, “The Howling Man”)
  • “The Wages of Cynicism” (1999)
  • “Adam’s Off Ox” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “Fallen Star” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “A Friend of the Family” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “The Indian Piper” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “The Junemoon Spoon” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “Lachrymosa” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “A Long Way from Capri” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “Moon in Gemini” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “Mr. Underhill” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “The Pool” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “Resurrection Island” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “The Rival” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “Time and Again” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “With the Family” (2000, “A Touch of the Creature”)
  • “I, Claude” (with Chad Oliver)
  • “The Rest of Science Fiction” (with Chad Oliver)



The Twilight Zone creditsEdit

The following is a list of episodes Beaumont penned for The Twilight Zone. An asterisk (*) indicates that the episode was credited to Beaumont, but ghostwritten by Jerry Sohl.


Notes and referencesEdit


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