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Ethel Bedecker
Ethel Bedecker
Location:New York City?
Date of Origin:20th Century
Legal Status:Deceased
Marital Status:Married
Relations:Walter Bedecker (husband)
Created By:Rod Serling
Portrayed By:Virginia Christine
Appearances:Escape Clause

Ethel Bedecker was a human from Earth that was married to the immortal Walter Bedecker.

Biographical information

Ethel Bedecker was a compassionate and duteous wife to her husband, Walter Bedecker. She lovingly cared for him, despite his obsessive hypochondriasis. Ethel had been subjected to her husband's whining complaints for so long that she had memorized them. Walter's imagined illnesses took much more of a toll on his spouse than on himself. Constantly having to run to attend to Walter's errands and demands, she herself became run down and was presribed vitamins by Mr. Bedecker's doctor, much to the husband's displeasure. His inflated ego rendered him unable to express any concern over his wife's condition, but only his own and the attention she was detracting from it. (TZ1: "Escape Clause")


Tired and weary, Ethel still remained loyal to and concerned about her husband. In fact, even in her moment of death, she was trying to attend to her husband's good health. She had attempted to pull him down from the roof of their apartment building and fell to her death several stories below.(TZ1: "Escape Clause")

Powers and abilities


Background information

Ethel Bedecker was played by Virginia Christine.

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