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"Healer" is an episode of the first Twilight Zone revival series, "The New Twilight Zone."

Opening Narration

"Ah, Jackie, Jackie, you're a small-timer. A roof crawler, a poke pincher, a nickel and dime drifter with salt in your dreams and ashes in your pocket. Don't cut that wire...Jackie, don't open that window. You won't be able to jimmy yourself out as easily as you got in. That's not the big score in there. It's the Twilight Zone."


A down-on-his-luck thief breaks into a museum and steals a strange crystal, and is shot in the process. He discovers that the stone will heal people, when his wound magically disappears. After bringing an old friend back from death he becomes a faith healer, making a lot of money in return. An Indian wise man comes to the show to get him to give the stone back, but he doesn't listen. When he refuses to help a man who once betrayed him, the stone stops working. He also finds that his own gunshot wound has reopened, and he relies on a young deaf boy to heal him. He then heals the deaf boy, and gives the stone back to the wise man. He walks away from the faith healing business, much wiser.

Closing Narration

"Now, he is longer Jackie. Perhaps not Brother John, brother to all men, but at least fit to walk among men who care. Because caring is part of the secret, the secret we all learn, that the heart cannot heal what the eye cannot see. Not even, in the Twilight Zone."

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