Jupiter is the fifth planet in the local solar system of the planet Earth.

Physical information

Jupiter illustration

The planet Jupiter and its moons

The planet Jupiter was a planet orbiting the Earth's Sun from a distance of 500,000,000 miles. As a result, the temperature at the planet's surface was -200F and it had an ice crust thousands of miles deep. The temperature was also affected by the large clouds that consistently covered and raced around the planet. The speed was thought to be an indication of fierce windstorms. The atmosphere of Jupiter consisted of ammonia, methane gas, hydrogen, and helium. The force of gravity on Jupiter was greater than that on Earth, making a human weigh almost three times more on its surface. (TZGKEY: 01: "Frozen Worlds of Space")

Biological information

There was a plant said to grow on Jupiter that was used by the Knights of the Galaxy to produce their space suits, which possessed the comfort of silk with the strength of steel. (TZDELL: 02: "The Joiner")

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