"Red Snow" is the second segment of the twenty-first episode of the first season (1985–86) of the television series The Twilight Zone.


Russian KGB Colonel Ilyanov is sent by train to a Siberian town to investigate the deaths of local Soviet Communist Party officials. Ilyanov notes that the victims were drained of their blood. He meets a young woman named Valentina, whom the records improbably state had been exiled by Joseph Stalin 50 years before. One of the town's Party officials, Polvin, insists that Valentina is actually a descendant of the exiled woman. Ilyanov and the mayor, Titov, search an abandoned church. They hear a wolf wailing in the distance. Ilyanov follows the sound and finds Valentina feasting on the wolf's blood. Ilyanov is knocked unconscious. On awakening, he insists upon returning to the abandoned church. Inside, he finds many empty coffins. Valentina and Polvin enter and explain that the church is haunted by vampires, and that they are themselves vampires. Titov explains that the townspeople have agreed to give sanctuary to vampires from all over Europe, in exchange for protection from criminals and wild animals. Valentina wants to kill Ilyanov, but Titov warns it will bring more intruders. Titov offers to make Ilyanov sympathetic to their situation. Ilyanov flees the church with Titov, but they are both attacked by wolves and Titov is mortally wounded. Titov dies and Ilyanov surrenders. Valentina offers him a mission that will benefit both the vampires and the State. Ilyanov returns to Moscow and briefs his superior about the investigation. Titov is posthumously accused of being the murderer, and Polvin is appointed mayor. Ilyanov's superior expresses a wish that he had more men like Ilyanov. Ilyanov responds that he will. He smiles, revealing a set of fangs.

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