The Burning Man
The Burning Man
is the second segment of the eighth episode from the first season of the television series The New Twilight Zone. It is based on Ray Bradbury's short story "The Burning Man", first published in Bradbury's collection Long After Midnight.


On a hot summer day, a woman and her nephew are driving along a dusty, country road. It is apparently dated in the 1930's or 1940's, by the style of clothes and the car. They soon come upon an old man in raggedy clothes who hails them to stop. They do stop and he hops in and says to just go, because someone is chasing after him. When they ask who, he says the sun. The old man starts talking of the seventeen-year locusts coming and other wild theories about people and... evil. Specifically genetic evil, people who are born evil. When they stop to fix a flat tire, the old man continues telling the boy his strange theories, but the aunt is starting to tire of it. She apparently thinks the heat has gotten to him. When she can't take anymore, the aunt stops the car and throws the old man out. They try to laugh it off and head for a lake, where they stop and enjoy the day.

Soon, the boy starts to worry about the evil the old man was talking about when all of a sudden, they come upon a boy in a bright white suit. He claims he was at a picnic and got separated and then lost. They pick him up and take off. Soon it becomes dark and suddenly the boy in the white suit leans forward and says something to the aunt. The car comes to a stop and dies. The aunt and nephew look back at the boy. Smiling, the boy in the white suit asks, "Have you ever wondered if there was such a thing as genetic evil in the world?"

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