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""The Man in the Bottle""
Series:The Twilight Zone (Original Series)
Episode:Season 2, Episode 38 (S02E02)
First Aired:October 7, 1960
Teleplay:Rod Serling
Story:Rod Serling
Director:Don Medford
Music:Stock (from What You Need)
Guest Stars:Luther Adler, Vivi Janiss, Joseph Ruskin
Lead Character:Arthur Castle, Edna Castle
Previous Episode:King Nine Will Not Return
Next Episode:Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room

"The Man in the Bottle" is an episode of the The Twilight Zone.

Opening Narration

"Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Castle, gentle and infinitely patient people, whose lives have been a hope chest with a rusty lock and a lost set of keys. But in just a moment that hope chest will be opened, and an improbable phantom will try to bedeck the drabness of these two people's failure-laden lives with the gold and precious stones of fulfillment. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Castle, standing on the outskirts and about to enter the Twilight Zone."

Closing Narration

"A word to the wise, now, to the garbage collectors of the world, to the curio seekers, to the antique buffs, to everyone who would try to coax out a miracle from unlikely places. Check that bottle you're taking back for a two-cent deposit. The genie you save might be your own. Case in point, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Castle, fresh from the briefest of trips into The Twilight Zone."

Critical Response


  • Rod Serling as Narrator (voice only); uncredited
  • Luther Adler as Arthur Castle
  • Vivi Janiss as Edna Castle
  • Joseph Ruskin as Genie
  • Olan Soule as IRS Man (as Olan Soulé)
  • Lisa Golm as Mrs. Gumley
  • Peter Coe as German; uncredited
  • Albert Szabo as German Officer #2; uncredited


  • Rod Serling (executive producer: Cayuga Productions)
  • Buck Houghton (producer)
  • Del Reisman (associate producer)
  • George T. Clemens (director of photography)
  • Leon Barsha (film editor)
  • Ethel Winant (casting)
  • Philip Barber (art director; credited: Phil Barber)
  • George W. Davis (art director)
  • H. Web Arrowsmith (set decorator)
  • Henry Grace (set decorator)
  • Ralph W. Nelson (production manager)
  • E. Darrell Hallenbeck (assistant director; credited: Darrell Hallenbeck)
  • Franklin Milton (sound; credited: Frank Milton)
  • Charles Scheid (sound)
  • Scott Lawson (colorist; uncredited)

Production Companies


  • Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS) (1960) (USA) (TV) (original airing)
  • Image Entertainment (2010) (USA) (Blu-ray) (DVD)


  • Kuppenheimer (Mr. Serling's wardrobe)
  • Pacific Title (titles and opticals)

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