The shadow man

The Shadow Man is an episode of The New Twilight Zone.


Eric frightens a boy named Danny Hayes, and is called chicken. Danny is then lectured by his mother about sleeping with all the lights, television and radio on. A mysterious entity then comes out from under his bed and tells Danny that he is the shadow man and that he will never harm the person under whose bed he lives. Then the shadow leaves.

The next day at the , Danny tries to tell his friend Peter about it, but Peter dismisses it. At school, Danny hears about two children who were attacked by what witnesses say was a shadowy man. That night, Danny falls asleep but wakes up to the shadow man, who once again states how he will not hurt Danny and then leaves. Danny tries to take a picture of him but the flash doesn't work. The next day, Danny continues telling Peter about what happened and Peter continues to dismiss it. Danny overhears that Leann, the girl he has a crush on, needs help in algebra, so he goes to her house to help. She is impressed that he would come out with all the shadow man attacks going on.
The shadow man2

Suddenly Danny becomes the big man on campus with loads of fair-weather friends. His real friend, Peter, after hearing of an attack near his home, begins to believe what Danny was saying and confronts him about it. Danny, knowing what he knows, just brushes it off and even schedules a fight with Eric, the bully. Eric shows up, but so does the shadow man. Eric runs off but Danny, unafraid, stays. The shadow man begins choking Danny, who asks in shock why the shadow man is choking him. The shadow man states his credo about never harming the person under whose bed he lives, but then says he is a shadow man from someone else's bed.