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The Twilight Zone #16 (Gold Key)
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Publisher:Gold Key Comics
Series:The Twilight Zone (Gold Key)
Volume:Volume 1
Alternate Number:10016-607
Cover Date:July 1966
Cover Price:$0.12 USD
Cover Credits:? (painted)
Pages:36 pages
Format:Color; Saddle-Stitched; Newsprint; Ongoing Series
Artists:Joe Certa, Joe Orlando, Ben Oda, Angelo Torres, Jose Delbo, Frank Bolle
Previous Issue:The Twilight Zone (Gold Key) 15
Next Issue:The Twilight Zone (Gold Key) 17

This was the sixteenth issue in the 1962 The Twilight Zone comic series, published by Gold Key Comics.

Series information

Main article: The Twilight Zone (Gold Key)

Publication details

This issue was published in color as a saddle-stitched pamphlet on newsprint. The size was typical of Standard Silver and Modern Age comics and consisted of 36 pages, including ads. The cover was dated July, 1966 and priced at twelve cents (American).

This issue contained eight stories—seven fully illustrated and one in text format. Each of the illustrated stories over one page in length was introduced by Rod Serling as the Narrator.

With this issue, the title began to ship bi-monthly (6 issues per year) rather than the previous quarterly (4 issues per year) rate, although the cover price of twelve cents remained the same.

Another change occurred with this issue in the omission of the line "in cooperation with Golden Press, Inc." in the indicia, listing K.K. Publications, Inc. as the sole publisher.


THE TWILIGHT ZONE, No. 16, July 1966. Published bi-monthly by K.K. Publications, Inc., North Road, Poughkeepsie New York 12602. Second-class postage paid at Poughkeepsie, New York. Subscription price in the U.S.A. 65¢ per year; foreign subscription $1.15 per year; Canadian subscriptions 90¢ per year. All rights reserved throughout the world. Authorized edition. Designed, produced and printed in the U.S.A. by Western Printing & Lithographing Co. Copyright © 1966, by Cayuga Productions, Inc.


  1. "Prophecy of Doom"
    Type: Story, 1 page
    Credits: Joe Certa (Pencils), Joe Certa (Inks), machine type (Letters)
  2. "Nightmare for an Astronaut"
    Type: Story, 11 pages
    Credits: Joe Orlando (Pencils), Joe Orlando (Inks), Ben Oda (Letters)
  3. "The Ghost Gunner"
    Type: Story, 4 pages
    Credits: Angelo Torres (Pencils), Angelo Torres (Inks), Ben Oda (Letters)
  4. "The Wisdom of the Beast"
    Type: Story, 1 page
    Credits: Joe Certa (Pencils), Joe Certa (Inks), Ben Oda (Letters)
  5. "Footprints in the Night"
    Type: Text story, 1 page
    Credits: Joe Certa (Pencils), Joe Certa (Inks)
  6. "The Perfect Criminal"
    Type: Story, 5 pages
    Credits: Jose Delbo (Pencils), Jose Delbo (Inks), Ben Oda (Letters)
  7. "When the Ball is Over"
    Type: Story, 8 pages
    Credits: Frank Bolle (Pencils), Frank Bolle (Inks), Ben Oda (Letters)
  8. "The Warning"
    Type: Story, 1 page
    Credits: Joe Certa (Pencils), Joe Certa (Inks)

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