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The Twilight Zone (1982)
Thetwilightzone whitman logo
Volume:Volume 1
Years Published:1982
Issues Published:1 issue
Previous Series:The Twilight Zone (1962)
Next Series:The Twilight Zone (1991)

The Whitman imprint of Western Publishing began to publish the Twilight Zone series in 1982, continuing the title and numbering started by Gold Key Comics.

Series information

The Twilight Zone comic series was moved to the Whitman imprint of Western Publishing after the company's Gold Key imprint was discontinued. Only one issue was produced, consisting of stories previously printed in The Twilight Zone #1 (Gold Key) roughly twenty years before. The issue, #92, was published in May 1982.[1]

Soon after, Western Publishing sold all properties to the Mattel company which, in turn, sold it only two years later. The new owners, Golden Books Family Entertainment, focused on children's books and dissolved nearly all adult or mature properties left over from Western Publishing. Most licensed properties have since been acquired by other companies[2], including the Twilight Zone comic series, which was next published by NOW Comics in 1991.

Notes and references


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