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This page features a list of connections between the Star Trek and The Twilight Zone franchises.

Both Gene Roddenberry, creator of Star Trek, and Rod Serling, creator and narrator of The Twilight Zone, were Humanists, meaning that "neither was devoted to any particular religion but subscribed to a set of ethics and morals apart from religion which included the striving for the betterment of the human condition using science and empiricism as a guide."[1] Both of these series used science fiction as a vehicle to make poignant commentaries on social injustices, politics, religion, and morality. It is not surprising then, that these two series attracted likeminded artists.

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Episode SimilaritiesEdit

  • "People Are Alike All Over" and "The Cage (ST:TOS)": Both involve humans being put in an extraterrestrial zoo and both actually feature the same actress, Susan Oliver, acting as an alien temptress. As Teenya, in the TZ episode, she was a telepath that used her ability and her beauty to lure stranded astronaut Sam Conrad (Roddy McDowall) into domestic captivity whereas as Vina, in the Star Trek episode, she used a series of illusions to attempt the same with the Enterprise's Captain Pike. "People Are Alike All Over" itself was based on Paul W. Fairman's short story "Brothers Beyond the Void," first published in the March 1952 issue of Fantastic Adventures[2]
  • "The Parallel" and "Mirror, Mirror (ST:TOS)": Both have space travelers who spend some time in a parallel, but altered, universe.[2]
  • "It's a Good Life" and "Charlie X (ST:TOS)": Both involve a young boy terrorizing people with his super powers.[2]
  • "Mute" and "The Empath (ST:TOS)": Both episodes involve a mute female with ESP.[2]
  • "The Lateness of the Hour" and "Requiem for Methuselah (ST:TOS)". Both involve a woman who is really a robot. This premise is also similar to the The Twilight Zone episode "In His Image" and the TOS episodes "I, Mudd" and "What Are Little Girls Made Of?", where robots pass themselves off as humans.[2]
  • "Five Characters in Search of an Exit" and "Allegiance (ST:TNG)" Although it has never been officially confirmed, this Star trek episode is strongly derivative of the The Twilight Zone (Original Series)episode from 1961. In the former, each of a group of five unique characters, all possessing a special skill, awaken to find themselves captive in a strange sealed room with four strangers. Although initially hostile and suspicious of one another, they are forced to work together in order to make their escape. The Star Trek episode had a similar premise, except for having only four characters find themselves in the situation.[3]



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