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Uncle Simon
Uncle Simon
Aliases:Simon Polk
Date of Origin:20th Century
Legal Status:Deceased
Marital Status:N/A
Relations:Barbara Polk (niece and only heir)
Created By:N/A
Portrayed By:Cedric Hardwicke
Appearances:Uncle Simon
Uncle Simon is Barbara Polk's uncle and creator of Uncle Simon II, an invention designed to replace him after death, and for his niece Barbara to inherit it. When he became "sick and couldn't move" his neice Barbara came to take care of him. Though he was aware that the only reason she was doing so was to inherit his property after death so he made constant attempts to be rude to her to "make her suffer with every fiber in her body" before his death. He also began working on Simon 2 to continue harassing Barbara after he died. He had lived with Barbara for 25 years. One day Barbara becomes sick of her uncle's feebleness, nagging and constant demands of hot chocolate. She vents her anger of his treatment on him, where he explains his reasons of doing so and proceeds to hit her, but she takes Simon's cane, he falls down the basement stairs. Barbara then leaved him with a broken back to die. However he got the last laugh as his robot continued his work for him.

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