Whale are mammals found in the oceans on the planet Earth.


Tz goldkey 06 whales

Various items made from whale carcusses

During the 19th century, the hunting of whales was a profitable industry because of the use of the "whaling bark" or the animal's blubber in the production of oil. The product was used in a variety of items, including fuel for lamps, perfumes and ointments. Whalebone was used in the creation of women's corsets, fahionable at the time. (TZGKEY: 06: "The Whaling Bark")

Whalers would watch for the telltale sign of whales' spouts as they exhaled upon reaching the surface of the water. Once spotted, the hunters would launch their boats toward the location with a cry of "Thar she blows!" The sailors would approach the whale with harpoons and lances at the ready. They had to be careful because whales were known to retaliate by attacking the whaling vessels, damaging or sinking them. Other whales chose to flee, but the hunters were known to puruse their prey over great distances, into remote waters and were frequently trapped in polar ice. (TZGKEY: 06: "The Whaling Bark")

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